below is a collection of my poster photography and press work. I work with artists from start to finish in devising and executing visual ideas that capture the spirit of their shows. It is one of my favourite branches of photography
if you might like to work together, send me an email or message me on instagram
my work on Jordan Gray's poster for her show Is It A Bird? won the Edinburgh Comedy Poster Award in 2022 on the audience vote and was also nominated for the Panel Award. Jordan and I worked on the concept together, I photographed and composited the project, and Jonny Woolley created the text design.
Gina Lyons, the founder of the award, said of the poster: "We have two fantastic, very worthy winners for 2022 - both unique pieces of design, with Jordan Gray arising, phoenix-like, much like the resurgent post-covid Fringe itself. This larger-than-life presentation, coupled with striking use of text and colour, have helped draw audiences to her 5-star-rated show."
this poster was created for Zach Zucker's show Spectacular Industry Showcase. I flew to New York to meet him for a studio shoot at Asylum NYC where we captured some painterly photos. I then composited the final image and sent it off to Jonny Woolley for the final text design and layout, with the final image being completed from shoot to poster in less than 12 hours
i collaborated with burlesque performer, poet, and artist Roisin Crowley Linton to create the imagery for her new show Medusa. We worked with Honey the snake for two hours to wind up on the final image you see below. Jonny then took it home with his beautiful text design and layout
i designed the billboard advertising for Stamptown's run at the 2022 Edinburgh Fringe as well as the corresponding brochure cover. We filled it with tons of ridiculous easter eggs and cameos, packaged in a colourful and explosive collage that celebrated all of the artists and friends behind this fringe production.
In 2023 we followed up with another massive composite image, this time with over 1000 individual assets. We went for a cut-out collage style while keeping it a colourful explosion
I shot this poster at Max Watts in Melbourne, Australia for the show I wrote and devised with Zach Zucker and Jonny Woolley: Jack Tucker Comedy Standup Hour. We were in the midst of developing the show and as it coalesced into its final form, we settled on the sort of imagery we wanted to create in order to promote the various shows and tours. The final image is a complicated composite I created using many different photos from the shoot, with the text and layout done by Jonny
Ike and I shot a bunch of photos in a studio set in NYC with the intention of finding something a bit surreal. We opted for this edit that almost feels like a playing card with the rotational symmetry
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